Current Update


Praise Jesus and Mary!

I am sorry to let you know that Sister Muriel Geisler died on July 21,2020 one hour before she would have turned 96.  She died in Libujski, Bosnia/Hercegovina and has been buried in Medjugorje.

With the permission of her Order (Sisters of the Cenacle), Sister Muriel went to Medjugorje  in 1992 while the war was still going on in Bosnia/Hercegovina and waited on tables to support herself. English speaking pilgrims started giving Sister Muriel money and the Irish pilgrims also gave her vans which enabled her to commence doing food deliveries to elderly and families in need. I joined Sister Muriel in 1999. Since that time, Saint Joseph The Worker, LTD has delivered food to 200 to 300 families/month and has built a 52-bed nursing home in Libujski, a 25-bed hospice in Libujski, a 50-bed nursing home in Ravno and is in the process of building a day care facility in Citluk for children and young adults with special needs.

Currently, Saint Joseph The Worker, LTD is delivering food to 195 destitute elderly and families in the nearby villages and mountains of Bosnia/Hercegovina on a monthly basis. The day care facility should be completed by the end of 2020 or very early in 2021. With the assistance of 2 local volunteers, I intend on continuing our food delivery until mid-2021 at which point Saint Joseph The Worker, LTD will cease delivering food and will cease operations in Bosnia/Hercegovina. At that time, it was Sister’s wish that we give our list of destitute elderly and families to Jakov of Mary’s Hand, Medjugorje. Mary’s Hand is a local operation that delivers food and assistance to those in need.  Their website is  Donations may be made to:  Raiffeisen Bank,  Zmaja od Bosne bb Sarajevo.  SWIFT CODE: RZBABA2S.  IBAN CODE:  BA391610000163330066.

We are fortunate that we currently have sufficient funds to finish the day care facility and to continue our food delivery operations until I leave Bosnia/Hercegovina in mid-2021. As a result, effective immediately, we are not accepting new donations.

I want you to know that your prayers and support over the years of Sister Muriel and Saint Joseph The Worker, LTD have been greatly appreciated.

Prayerfully in Our Lady of Medjugorje

Mary Walsh, Director