Mara from Ravno is waiting to move<br />                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    into the home.
Mara from Ravno is waiting to move
into the home.

We had set aside money for our last special project. The question was Where and What?? One must be very careful. Too many people invest money in a project that never materializes. They build it and it never opens and operates.

We considered a project in Mostar but decided not to pursue it. Then, we went on to Capljina to help refugees still living in a camp, but decided not to pursue it since Sr. Josephine had built very nice home for those she felt needed a home who lived in the camp.

Sr. Josephine and Father Gerard took us to Ravno to meet Father Pero in Ravno. Ravno is about 2 hours from Medugorje. It is located in the mountains boarding the Republic of Serbska and 30 minutes from the sea. Ravno was the first village bombed during the last war. Many people fled to Croatia leaving the old people behind. Father Pero asked us for help. He wanted to take care of his elderly. Many of them have no relatives and are living on their own in very poor living conditions . We agreed to build a 30 bed home for the elderly which we expect will open in the fall of 2017. The home will be operated by Father Pero.